iPad 2 Singapore Reviews

In this article, I will share some reviews of iPad 2 in Singapore which has been the #1 tablet of choice for entertainment, work and business. The Apple iPad 2 was first released in Singapore on 29 April 2011 and has many fans eager to get their hands on it. So what is magical about the iPad 2? Click here for up to 95% discount.

Firstly, the Apple iPad 2 has a total of 12 models to choose from the online store in Singapore. They are separated by colours: black or white, Wifi or 3G+Wifi and Size: 16GB, 32GB and 64GB; with prices ranging from SGD$668 to SGD$1108. However, if you want to save some money, you can choose to buy the original iPad (1st generation), known as the “refurbished iPad” from only SGD$398 with 1 year warranty at the online store.

WiFi-3G / Storage Space 16GB 32GB 64G
WiFi Only S$668 S$798 S$928
WiFi + 3G S$848 S$978 S$1,108

According to Apple store, all refurbished iPad models are thoroughly tested and comes with a new battery and outer shell, which in my opinion is as good as new!

When you first touch the iPad 2, you will discovered that the gadget is extremely thin and this gives a natural feeling which you can hold for a long period of time without getting exhausted. This is due to the fact that the weight is slight less than 2 pounds where Apple has integrated all the necessary electronics, including a new camera into the tablet. If you have heard people complaining of pain after holding the original iPad for sometime, this weight issue is seriously improved in this new model.

iPad 2 also has more RAM memory than the iPad 1st generation, in fact the RAM is increased from 256MB to 512MB (100%) so that you will have a better and enjoyable experience when browsing websites that contain tons of Graphics and even Game Apps will seem to run much more smoothly giving you a better response. In addition, you can now open more applications at once (and suspend them), which is not possible with the original iPad unless you do some tweaks to it.

The tiny camera was a nice addition to the tablet, although it can’t really compare to a digital camera. This new addition allows easy video conferencing using Apple FaceTime where you can chat with your loved ones anywhere in the world through a Wifi network connection, at zero extra cost.

Some of the features that can be improved is the addition of USB support. Although there is already an integrated camera, a lack of USB support means there are other or future devices that cannot be directly used by iPad 2 which is a real bummer. An absence of SD expansion slot means you can’t increase the disk storage space when your photos and videos have occupied all the available space, especially if you order the 16GB or even the 32GB models.

However, one of the main advantage of the iPad 2 is that it is really light and you can literally use it to play any games with your hands without feeling tired. The battery life has also improved so you can enjoy your movies and games without worrying for the next battery charge for about 11 hours.